Life’s Best Lessons Taught By My Mother

Do you know, all mothers have this amazing power of teaching without preaching? Mothers are the best teachers in the school of life. Neither they give homework nor punish you for scoring poorly in exams. In fact, their every step prepares you for the real world.

Yes, my mom has taught me so much about life which I can’t learn even in the world’s best college. Take a look at some of the lessons taught by my mother:

Don’t pick the first thing that meets your eyes:

Though we had a small vegetable shop near our house; my mom preferred to go to a big market so that she could fetch vegetables at low prices. Sometimes, I also went with her. (It was an unspoken rule, that whoever goes with mom, that person will enjoy golgappa and chaat at the end of the shopping).

We used to fight against the foul smell, garbage and stray animals to reach sabji wala bhayia. Out of frustration and irritation, I always yelled at mom for visiting this market and not buying from a nearby market. However, unfazed by my reaction, she only preferred to focus on her shopping.

Her shopping style was also different. For instance, if she would have to buy onions, she would go to five different shopkeepers and ask for the rates. Then at one place, after bargaining a lot, she would purchase her vegetables. She always said, “One should never pick the first thing that meets your eyes. Roam around, and you never know, you might find a better option at a low price”.

I never understood this shopping mantra until I am grown up.  Now, today, whenever I have to buy something, I always research and compare. Whether it is buying clothes, vegetables, or even insurance policies like health insurance or life insurance online, I always spend time in choosing the right thing.

The lesson for you: Think twice before spending.

Be patient

It is one virtue which is omnipresent in all mothers. My mom’s patience level is so high that you will lose your patience level if you experience it. Jokes apart, she has patience enough to bear anything. In all these years, I have never seen her shouting at anyone. Even if someone talks rudely to her, she doesn’t say anything. That’s her patience level that I also want for myself.

The lesson for you: Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a positive outlook while waiting.

Respect your guests

I still remembered that day when my mamaji came around 12.30 at night, and my mom wholeheartedly welcomed him and his wife. In fact, she made food for them also. No matters, whether guests came in morning or night, she always used to treat them well. Even no guest was allowed to leave our house without having meals.

As a child, I never understood- “How is it possible to welcome anyone in your house by sacrificing your sleep and by not getting annoyed due to this?

But now, the situation is different. It’s the impact of my mom’s nature that I enjoy welcoming people at my home and cooking food for them. Whether its relatives or friends, my weekends are always busy. And trust me, I enjoy it (most of the times!)

The lesson for you: Consider yourself lucky if someone takes out time from their busy schedule to come to your house.

Simplicity is the key

Do you know, my mom has never visited a parlour? Yes, she never got her eyebrows done! She has never applied lipstick. She is a very simple lady who is happy in wearing her suits. In fact, she has never dressed saree in her life.

But if you ask me, then her simplicity is what makes her most beautiful woman in this world. She is innocent like a child who doesn’t know anything about makeup.

Taking a cue from my mom, I also love to stay simple. Though parlour visits are there on my schedule, I would happily spend my life in pyjamas!  I am born and brought up in New Delhi, but my knowledge about makeup is zero. In fact, YouTube taught me the art of saree draping.

The lesson for you: Simplicity is the elegance and the ultimate sophistication.

As they say, life doesn’t come with a manual; it comes with a mother. So, make sure, you ‘follow the manual’ carefully. After all, her educational degrees might be less, but her experience is vast.


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