Ambani’s birthday video for Shloka proves riches are also interested in ‘good news’

I admit it- I watched birthday video of Shloka Mehta (or Shloka Akash Ambani), and I loved it. After all, doting in laws are showering love on the newlywed daughter-in-law. Indeed, Akash is a true prince and Shloka is his princess.


I always thought that these people from high society are different from middle-class people like me. They don’t care about society and prefer to walk on their own path. But I am happy to know that they are just like my padosan aunty and my kaamwali. Like them, they also expect their bahus to conceive ASAP.

Yes, in the video, all Ambani’s ask Shloka Mehta to make them grandparents, chacha, except Mrs. Nita Ambani. I can relate with Shloka even when I know she can’t relate with me!


Truly speaking I was jealous of Shloka Mehta. After all, who doesn’t like the idea of being associated with India’s richest family? But after this video, I no more feel jealous of her. She is facing the same question which I always do. So what’s the difference?

My family planning is no more a personal conversation between my husband and me. It has become the topic of discussion among dhoodwale bhayia, press wali aunty, kaam wali, and many more. The list is endless. To console me, they blame God- like pata nahi bhagwaan hamare saath aisa kyu kar raha. Humne kya kara aisa. But I would like to tell them- it is not consoling, it is your selfishness. When God has always given you what you want, why are you blaming him for your one unfulfilled wish?

Will you consider a woman complete only if she is a mother? I don’t have a child, but I have all the ingredients of a happy woman- a loving husband, a good job, own house. I don’t know what will I be in the next life- an animal, plant or, an insect. I only have this life with me- let me enjoy that, please.

The day after marriage, everyone expects a woman to hit the jackpot- to get pregnant. But what they don’t understand is- it’s her life, let her decide what she wants. Whether she wants to get pregnant right away or wants to wait for 10 years, let her (and her husband too!) take that decision.

Sometimes, I feel what will the world get after the birth of my baby. My baby will have my name, my blood and my features. My baby will have traits of my husband but why the world is so interested in knowing about my pregnancy.

I like how Nita Ambani introduced different colours of Shloka’s personality to the world. Instead of talking about pregnancy, she preferred to talk about her hobbies. Kudos to you, Mrs. Nita Ambani

Its been just 4 months of marriage for Shloka Mehta but like typical Indian family, people have started questioning her on pregnancy. Its seems like the goal of any girl is to get married and then start producing ASAP.

I am no one to judge Ambanis. It is their personal choice, but if you make such personal videos public, then be ready to hear my opinion as well.

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