Not A Marriage Material: You Were Right When You Decided Not To Marry Him

Is your would be spouse too secretive or showing an inflexible attitude? If your answer is yes then make-up your mind as these signs are the indicative you should call off your marriage! I know you may not be ready to accept this fact that your loving partner is no more loyal to you but dear, it is good to stay alone than to live with a person whose presence will only make you more lonely.

I have listed below some of the indicatives that you must understand before you walk down the aisle-

Unresponsive– Communication is a key ingredient of a happy marriaage. But if your future spouse hesitates to discuss his private matters, like his approach towards money, family planning, etc., then it is the time to run.
Nasty behaviour– If your partner is hiding or trying to hide money matters from you while you are still dating then it should raise a red flag. If he is not willing to disclose his spendings and earnings or he laughs about loan EMIs or credits and calling it somebody else’s problem then it is the time that you should say no to marriage.

Rigid or inflexible attitude– A great relationship is not only about completion. It’s about compromise also. Being in love doesn’t mean you should have a same point of view about all things. Seeing things differently boasts discovery, unless your mate never ever ready to give an inch towards seeing things from your point of view also.

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