Planning a Holiday in Monsoon? A Packing List for Your Monsoon Holiday

Who says, the monsoon is not meant for travelling? In fact, the idea of holidaying under natural showers is itself so exciting. But yes, monsoon holiday is not easy. Although the weather would be pleasant and warm, you would have to deal with random heavy rain downpours, plenty of mud and flooded street. However, there is much more that you can do to enjoy the season without dampening your travel spirits.

Here is a suggested list of items that you should always carry during your monsoon holiday:

  1. A heavy duty umbrella. During the rainy season, it can get very windy, which can also damage your umbrella if it is not strong.
  2. Long trench style raincoats. Make sure to buy raincoat as per your body weight and height.
  3. Knee length pants and pants in dark colours. It will ensure that the bottom of your pants doesn’t get wet and is also safe from splashed mud and dirt. Go with synthetic fabrics as they dry more quickly than other fabrics.
  4. Proper wet weather shoes, like flip-flop and rubber sandals. Although, you might find it daunting to carry them in your luggage, they are highly useful to ensure you (and your holiday) keep walking even when it pours!
  5. First aid supplies, like adhesive, disinfectant scrubs, etc.
  6. A small absorbent hand towel.
  7. A small waterproof backpack to carry one set of clothes and other emergency items.
  8. A waterproof plastic case to store electronic and essential items, like camera, passport, wallet, mobile phone, etc.
  9. A hairdryer not just to dry your hair but undies as well.
  10. A mosquito repellent or a mosquito net if your accommodation is in a budget hotel, where mosquitoes are unavoidable.
  11. Carry your own water or drink only boiled water wherever possible

How much rain you will witness will depend on the place where you are intended to travel. So, make sure to check the expected rainfall of your holiday destination before packing. Another concern is staying healthy during the rainy season. Ailments like dengue, malaria, fever, etc.; are common along with fungal skin infections. Hence, it is imperative to follow health tips to stay safe during Monsoon.

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