Thank God women are here, otherwise who would have advertised shaving creams?

A spoiler alert: It’s a satire on advertising world that portrays women as an object. It’s time we say no to women objectification in the advertising world. 

Yes, God has done a favour on this world by creating women. No, I am not saying it because she is playing so many important roles in our lives, like that of a mother, sister, wife, daughter etc. In reality, I am saying it because in her absence, it would have been difficult to sell shaving creams, men undergarments, deodorants, cold drinks, etc. In short, the advertisement world would have been cramped. Let me introduce you to the amazing powers of women. 

One should buy briefs that make women drool

This man was a big ‘khiladi’ as he fooled custom officers at the airport. Oh, I forget to write- ‘lady custom officers’. These officers questioned him as he had told them that he was carrying dollars. After thorough checking, when they did not find out dollars, they asked him, ‘where are the dollars’. I guess that ‘khiladi’ was in no mood to trust custom officers, that’s why he gave them the proof- he lifted his t-shirt and showed him his ‘dollar’ underwear. Those custom officers got so impressed with his witty answer that they opened their hair and asked- fit hai boss. Here comes the reply- andhar se bi bahaar se bi (fit from both inside and outside)

See, this particular undergarment is so good. No, I am not talking about its comfort or price, who cares about all these secondary things?

I guess such advertisements have taken one thought so seriously- we should see the inner beauty of the person and not the outer one. That’s why one woman got so impressed with her partner who was still in his briefs that she decided to propose her. But thankfully that guy was wearing a particular brand that helped him to become a superman and climb on the window to avoid his partner and her proposal.

A man undergarment is good as long it has the stamp of women’s approval.

Men are so lucky. Stylish dress, brilliant makeup, high heels, trendy handbag- a woman needs to do all these to look great. But men are men. They can go naked in a party and still, women will run after them. Do you know why? Because they are wearing this undergarment of a particular brand. I guess all men should stop wearing clothes and save money, from which they can fund their partner’s shopping. Because women have no other thing to do in the world other than shopping. Just buy some clothes or shoes for her, and she will do anything for you. Even it can act as damage control if you have done something wrong.


Perfumes which fume love only

You should take care of your personal hygiene, not for your own sake, but because girls will not come closer to you. After all, a good fragrance is something which can catch the attention of girls in the classroom. In fact, if you are wearing a good perfume, then you never know- your crush may also dump her boyfriend to be with you!

Who cares what the odor of your sensibility? Even if it is stinky, you can hide it under a perfume.

If you are using this particular perfume, the chances are high that girls will jump on you. Yes, this is the magic of perfume which will act as a magnet and help you win any girl of your choice.

Clothes that cover up only flaws not your body

Whether it is taking out a shirt from the almirah or finding socks for him, an ‘ideal’ woman has so many ‘important’ things to do in her life, which are perfectly conveyed through advertisements. So it should not come as a surprise if she also sells men shirts. No matters what your qualification is, how much sensible you are, what matters most is how nice your shirt is.


Just wear a particular brand shirt and the entire women colleagues will follow you and will join you at your home.

Shave off common sense

At last, my favorite- shaving creams. Do you know any woman who uses shaving cream on her face? As far as I know, there are female razors but shaving creams still don’t find a place in a ladies purse yet. But even if women don’t use shaving creams, the quality of your shave can attract them. If you get a nod by women, then it means your shaving cream worth the money. Here comes a clean shaved man in a room and all women will leave aside all their ‘unimportant’ work to take up an ‘important’ work i.e, they will start dancing around him.

Is it a woman empowerment?

Besides advertising female stuff, women need to sell men stuff as well. Men should be the hero only in insurance advertisements which talk about thoughts like the safety of family, taking care of the dreams of loved ones, etc. Because the reason is simply- it is only men who take care of the family.

As far as creams, shampoo, soaps, etc; are considered, women are there. A man can be a supporting hero!



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2 thoughts on “Thank God women are here, otherwise who would have advertised shaving creams?

  1. This is truly written. Women are seen as a mere show piece and forcefully tried to fit in any product.. whether male or female. But the thing is why a woman is accepting this to happen. If something is wrong, everyone has the responsibility. Till the time a woman accepts herself as a showpiece, the trend will go on without changing.

  2. This is so true in every sense. Women are being used as objects for selling men stuff. We understand that there is no class in these elements without a woman in it but that surely doesnt mean that a product is not sold for its features but for a woman’s attention. Really guys are we really running out of creative ways to promote our brands and products.


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