Say bye to costly gifts: Romantic things that husbands can do unknowingly!

Those who thing women are tough to please, think again. You don’t need to buy costly gifts to pamper your ladylove. In fact, small gestures like hug, smile, kiss are enough to bring a smile on her face. Shocked? Don’t be! For women, romance is not confined only to red roses, diamond jewelery or candle-light dinner. Love is something which is more than that. It can be anything from simple praise words to helping her in the kitchen. So, let’s find out what more you can do, I mean, ‘husband’ to make her feel special-

Unanticipated hugs– That sudden hug you give her when she is cooking in kitchen or busy ready something or any other time, sways her away. In fact, whenever you give a morning kiss on her forehead when she is half sleeping, it gives a good start to her day.

Help in kitchen– Now, it has been proved. Those men who help their partners in kitchen are considered to be more sexy. Women know that men usually don’t like to work in kitchen and therefore, when they see you right next to them in the kitchen, doing dishes, preparing salads, chopping vegetables, their heart seems to brim with happiness and joy. This gesture is so endearing that they can fall head over heels in love all over again.

Making bed– This is something that she can expect from you. After hectic office schedule, household chores and the kids, she is exhausted, after all she is also a human being like you and not a machine! So, when she finds that the bed is all done and tidied, ready to snuggle in the neatly laid bed sheets, her joy sees no limit.

Helping kids in their studies– Those who have created the character of a superman must be suffered from a ‘dangerous manly syndrome’. After all, all the hard work that a woman puts can even put a superman to a shame! Therefore, when you look after kids, help them in their homework and school projects and read bedtime stories, you not only become the world’s most favorite father but also earn brownie points in the eyes of your wife.

Accompany her to a shopping– Yes, women love the idea of spending their spouse money on her favorite shoes, dresses (with pun intended!) but she enjoys more when you accompany her to a shopping. It need not to be for costly dress, just notice the smile and sparkle in her eyes when you join her even for the household shopping. And in a shopping store, when husbands unexpectedly hold their wives’ hand, love hormones suddenly shoot up!

Complement your wife– ‘My wife is a good homemaker’, ‘My wife is very supportive’, ‘She has well adjusted in my home’, when you give these complements to her in front of family and friends, she feels proud to know that her husband values and respects what she does.

Taking care of her when she is unwell– Those times when she is unwell and you take leave from the office to take care of her, she feels blessed. When you remember every medicine of hers, ‘order’ her to take rest, cook meal and simply sit besides her & taking her hands in yours, she finds it good to fall ill!


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