This is what a childless mother wants from her child on mother’s day

mother's day

Who says, mothers are only those who give birth? A mother is not only a woman who has given birth. Your emotions and sentiments give you the title of a mother. This is what Shreya wants to say. She is not a mother. She is nor pregnant. But she is confident that soon she will become mother. So why not celebrate Mother’s Day now.

Here again comes the day,

When I want you to pamper me and take me away.

Yippee it’s a Mother’s Day- my day

mother's day 

 As my little angel, it’s your duty to make my heart smile,

Think some innovative ideas and pamper me in style.

I know, ours is a long distance relationship,

So you might be thinking to skip.

But wait, don’t you dare do that

I am your mom and I will not let you do that.

I know, you can’t kiss me and give me my gift in person

But that doesn’t mean I will leave you without taking my gift, even though you consider it coercion.

You can send me hugs and love from where you are,

We are in 21st century dear, where network is so fast.

I am so sure, soon you will be in my arms and life,

That would be the time when we both will shower love on each other without strife.

Though I wish you become the carbon copy of me i.e.; your mother

Still I want you to take your smile from your father.

So my child, let’s promise to each other,

We will cover this distance to see each other.

Next time we will be celebrating mother’s day together and relish,

And make your dad jealous.

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