Please keep killing girls in the womb

girl babies are killed in the womb in india

Innocent, helpless she was the angel who was only a few years old,

The torture which she had to endure was cruel and cold.

Those eyes which should twinkle with mischief,

Now they are closed under the wrap of disbelief.

Those small feet which should walk towards the future,

They juggled to release from the clutches of a monster.

Neither she was wearing short dresses, nor she was smoking and drinking,

Now it would be tough for society to blame her for everything.

Keep killing her in the womb,

Not because she is a girl

but because we have no senses left to consider her equal.

girl babies are killed in the womb in india

Sometimes, I feel I should be sad that I am childless,

But then my brain says I should celebrate for being childfree, which is fabulous.

I don’t need to worry about the safety of my baby,

Neither I need to protect her from strangers nor her own family.

We protest over masjids or temples,

But we forget to save our ‘creator’- women from troubles.

Keep killing her in the womb,

Not because you think men are superior clearly,

But because if she gets lucky and survives, she would die in flames of dowry.

Keep killing her in the womb,

Not just because you don’t respect her,

It’s just because one-time pain is better than living every day in horror

Image Source: India Today

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2 thoughts on “Please keep killing girls in the womb

  1. Beautifully expressed! This is the irony, a woman does not want a woman, leave behind man. I have felt myself in maternity ward. Mother in laws , mourning over the birth of their granddaughters. It was kind a tug of war going on. You will win when you get a grandson. It is the dillema. Before looking for anybody else to raise our dignity, we, women must work out to respect existence of womenhood first.

  2. Very well expressed and so true. You have touched heart with the message, we as a society should find a solution for this ever existing issue.


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