Health Insurance

corporate health insurance vs individual health insuranceWhy Should You Think Beyond Corporate Health Insurance?

Is it a wise decision to rely only on a corporate health insurance policy? Is it necessary to purchase an individual Mediclaim policy? Let’s try to find the answers to these questions. Know all about corporate health insurance Vs. individual health insurance. Read More.

Why I Can’t Be Adarsh Bahu If I Am A Working Woman!

Do you know, who is Adarsh bahu? What makes any married woman Adarsh Bahu? As per the society rules- She can be anyone but not a working married woman! In our society, the role of a girl is pre-decided from her birth. After a certain age, she has to get married. Looking after her marital house becomes her responsibility. Read More.

stay healthy during rainy season

Monsoon Health Tips for You and Your Family

Rainy season could play havoc on the health of those people who have low immunity power and breathing issues as they are more susceptible to ailments during this time. Look at some of the useful monsoon health tips to prevent yourself from getting sick in rainy season. Read More.

know the difference between mediclaim and health insurance policiesUsually, most of the people believe that mediclaim is same as a health insurance policy, and thus, they often use both the terms interchangeably. However, it is not the case. Let’s delve deep to know the difference between mediclaim and health insurance policy in India. Read More.

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