How will be the ‘josh’ if a medical crisis strikes?

keep josh high with health insurance

So, neither you are planning to fall sick, nor you are making plans to get hit by others on the road, so why should you think about a medical crisis and answer my question- How will be your josh if a medical crisis arises?

Though you are right; you should also note that no one plans to fall sick! In fact, medical expenses are those unexpected costs which arise when you are at the most comfortable state.

keep josh high with health insurance

With a change in weather, minor health conditions like cold or cough can strike anytime. God forbid, the situation would be different in case of critical ailments, like heart attack, kidney issue, etc. So now how will be your josh if you find yourself amidst medical crisis? The tectonic shift in the lifestyle has made the person vulnerable to lifestyle ailments like hypertension, diabetes, etc.

Well, if you have a health insurance policy then you can consider yourself to be well prepared, and proudly say, “Josh is high”. With a comprehensive health insurance policy, you can expect to get good medical treatment without fretting over medical expenses. It means, your ‘Josh is high to face medical bills’.

But unfortunately, if you are without a mediclaim policy, your ‘josh will be low’. After all, now you would have to worry about the burden of medical costs. Either you would have to dig into your savings that you had saved for your first foreign vacation, or you would have to take the help of your family/friends. I am sure; you would not like to be in any of the situations.

So, to ensure that your ‘josh’ always stays high, it is imperative to purchase a health insurance policy. Here are some of the ways through which a mediclaim policy can help you:

Get treatment without worrying about hospital bills

In an unforeseen medical crisis, the last thing about which you would like to worry about is- how will I pay hospital bills? As mediclaim policy offers cashless benefit, you can avail treatment at a network hospital, without paying medical bills to the hospital. Under cashless hospitalisation, a health insurance company will directly pay medical bills to the hospital on your behalf.

Coverage for transportation, food and non-medical expenses

While a medical insurance policy in India covers hospitalisation expenses, it also pays a specific allowance to the policyholder for each day he/she is hospitalised. It can be used to cover non-medical expenses like food, transportation, etc.; of people other than the patient.

From diagnosis to recovery

Not only mainstream medical expenses, but a health insurance policy also covers OPD (out-patient department) expenses, diagnostic tests, etc. The costs incurred before hospitalisation and after the hospitalisation are also covered.

Trim your taxable income

In addition to covering medical expenses, a health insurance policy can help you save tax under Section 80D. The premiums paid towards self or for the policy bought for spouse and parents are also eligible for tax benefits.

The irony is that people who a follow healthy lifestyle are also susceptible to health ailments due to increasing pollution and other hazards. Therefore, it is essential to get yourself a comprehensive health insurance policy that promises to ensure you have quality medical care.

In short, it will keep your ‘josh’ high even if there is a medical crisis.

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