It’s time to show your love with insurance policies on Valentine’s Day

insurance policies on valentine's day

If we call February the ‘season of love’, there would be no exaggeration. There is a one week celebration of love, which ends up with Valentine Day. Those who are in love, shower their beloved with gifts. But should love be restricted to only one month? Don’t you think your loved ones deserve your love and attention throughout the year or should we say throughout the life as well? This time, let’s take a step to take the concept of ‘forever’ to the next level. This Valentine’s Day, express your love through insurance and gift the right insurance policies to your loved ones. It’s time to buy insurance policies on Valentine’s Day.

insurance policies on valentine's day

Insurance Policies On Valentine’s Day

Term insurance is the best gift that you can gift to your wife as it will ensure that she will continue to have a financial security in your absence. In case of unfortunate event, the insurer will pay a death benefit to your wife and in this way, she will able to lead a financially secured life even in your absence. However, don’t forget to top it up with a diamond ring. You wouldn’t want to invite her wrath that could lead to using your term insurance. So buy a term insurance policy to secure your wife’s tomorrow and yours today as well.

You can also think of purchasing about motor insurance policy and go out on a long ride. You can sit back and let her take the charge. Whether it is a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, go wherever your partner wants to go. Surely, the last thing that you would want on this day is to be caught up by a traffic cop for lack of a motor insurance policy. The policy will ensure that in case of road accidents or vehicle breakdown, or in any other unexpected events, your partner is at ease.

Well, if you already have these two insurance policies, then why not buy a health insurance plan for your beloved? Though, we wish good health for your partner, medical emergency can come unannounced. So, gift a health insurance policy to your partner which will ensure quality medical care without fretting about medical bills.

There are various health insurance companies like Apollo Munich, HDFC Ergo, etc; which offer family floater health insurance policies. If you are still thinking that you should not spend money on health insurance because you have a corporate health insurance, then remember, employer health insurance is available until you are working with the company. When you will quit the job, the corporate health insurance will also cease to exist. So it is better to purchase an individual health insurance policy for your beloved that will stay irrespective of the job status.

Now what next you should insure? Your bae might be a travelling freak, so you can sponsor their new holiday plan and give it security by insuring it with a travel insurance policy. Even if it is a holiday, unexpected events like loss of passport, baggage loss, accidents, etc; can arise to hamper the travel spirits. Therefore, this time let your partner go out on a holiday which is completely secured by a travel insurance policy.

This time, ditch the traditional gift items like flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, etc; and gift something precious that stays with your partner even in your absence. Gift insurance policies on Valentine’s Day. It will keep them reminding about your love when you are not around.



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