I am a woman who hates PINK and have no intentions to beat any man

international women's day

I am a woman and let me that only,

Today I tell you what I feel and think about being a woman clearly.

Society used to ask me when will I get married,

In the veil of concern, they ordered me to be hurried.

Now when I am a happily married woman and I have a loving spouse,

I am still waiting to get that ‘trophy’ for obeying the society rules by taking marriage vows.

People said, no matter how high your corporate profile is,

what matters most is how ‘gol’ you can make rotis.

(un) fortunately, while I am good at the office front, the shape of my rotis sometimes get disturbed.

But wait, I am not sad because I enjoy eating my simple sabji & roti even if they are burnt.

People said, now when you are married, it’s time to reach the next stop- motherhood,

Only give birth to a son to take the  ‘vansh’ forward- it is something that they ensure I would.

But I would like to ask them- what if their mother has also thought of the same?

In that case, they wouldn’t have been on this earth to pass comment and call me names.

One of my relatives told me “no use of earning if you don’t have a child on whom you can spend money”,

But here I want to tell her that my money funds my vacation and shopping spree.

But yes, sometimes I face a problem when I need to carry huge shopping bags and take out a house key.

Being a woman, people advise me to go for safer career options like teaching,

So that I can manage my house and continue working.

But again, please don’t get angry if I tell you- As a corporate professional, my timings are not fixed,

However, what remains fixed is- my home is well managed (at least I think so), I cook daily, and I am so quick.

I learnt to cook not just because as a woman it is primal,

I did it because it is necessary for survival.

Don’t measure my existence on the basis of my reproduction ability,

I respect elders and try not to harm others, so start appreciating me for my ‘high values fertility’.

Neither a superwoman nor a brave heart,

I am a simple woman who is both naïve and smart.

international women's day

I cry, I smile, I get angry on things,

but being a human, I don’t think it is a sin.

With no desire to defeat men and go above them,

I am at peace where I am.

To me, men are not the matrix against which my success should be measured.

I am competing only with myself and that’s my success mantra which should be treasured.

I don’t want to be a woman who stands behind a successful man,

The reason is simple-when my success is ‘mine’ only, why should credit be shared by man?

At last, just want to tell you, don’t associate me with PINK anymore,

As an epitome of elegance & strength, I embrace all colours and it makes my personality galore.

Image Source: The Ponty Chadha Foundation

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2 thoughts on “I am a woman who hates PINK and have no intentions to beat any man

  1. This post actually made my day. I am thoroughly impressed with how you have expressed the feelings of thousands of women. Kudos

  2. Beautiful piece of writing..to put it simply you have reproduced a thought worth pondering!!
    Wish u all the colors,not just the pink.


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