I don’t use sunscreen, and I don’t repent it.

First of all, let me clear one thing-what I write here is my belief and not that of any dermatologist. I have made the choices for myself and I would honour yours too. Now I will tell you my reasons for not using sunscreen and the different scientific reasons that back up my decision.

  1. Prevent from burns but not from cancer: It is surprising to know that wearing sunscreen may actually give rise to malignant melanoma and also cause Vitamin D deficiency.As per the research conducted by the British Association of Dermatologists, 72% of people who took part in the research admitted to being sunburned, which made them highly vulnerable to deadly melanoma— a type of cancer.
  2. Disrupt hormones: According to the research by Environmental Working Group, chemicals present in sunscreen can disturb hormone balance and can disrupt thyroid and other body processes. Surprisingly, this chemical is present in 96% of the sunscreen. Unfortunately, the use of sunscreen can increase the risk of breast cancer.
  3. Not cool for eyes: If mistakenly sunscreen goes into your eyes, it can cause irritation and pain. Even according to some medical practitioners, a few chemicals present in sunscreen can lead to blindness as well. In case sunscreen gets into your eyes, immediately rinse your eyes and see a doctor if the situation worsens.
  4. Damage cells: As Oxybenzone absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet rays, most of the sunscreen creams have it as the main component. This chemical can lead to cell damage, impede the growth and can disturb the DNA synthesis, which can cause genetic mutations. Pregnant women with a high level of the chemical often give birth to underweight babies.

Now the question is- how I save my skin from harsh sun rays

After reading it, you might be assuming me as an anti-sunscreen person. Though it is true; it doesn’t mean that I don’t take care of myself. Instead of using sunscreen, I prefer to use other ways. Maybe you think that I don’t go outside, but unfortunately, this is not true. I have devised my own ways to stay protected against harsh sun rays.

Let me share it with you:

  • Better management of activities: Usually, I plan my activities in such a way that I only need to step out of my home after 3 p.m or 4 p.m, when sun rays are not so harsh.
  • Carry my weapons: Here with weapons I mean, umbrella, glares and hat.
  • Proper attire: In summer, I always prefer to wear long-sleeved, lightweight cotton clothes.

That’s my mantra of staying cool when conditions are hot. And don’t forget, a little dose of Vitamin D is always recommended.

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