To Mom, From Your “Little” (But Now Married) Girl!!!!

mother letter

To My Mom, 

Time flies..yes it flies so fast… Earlier it was you mom, who would fed me once I am back from office. Mom I am back, these words were enough to alert you. A hot piping tea with snacks was always there on the table waiting for me and my taste buds. It was a daily routine for you which you ensured that you did it dutifully. Today also I am having a tea but the only difference is that it misses your warmth and love. As now I am married, I really miss ‘that’ tea which is for me the world’s best beverage (at least now).

Known as a lazy laid at home, I used to wake up at 6.30 in morning before marriage as it was my habit to spend over 2 hours in bathing and dressing up myself. I always reached office late and that too when I did not even had to do anything at home.

mother letter

I know Mom, you will be proud to know as I wake up early in morning, make breakfast and also spend lesser time in getting up ready for the office. Only 15 minutes!!!!!

You always made sure that I had my breakfast and you used to lovingly handed over me my lunch and one extra dabba for evening snacks. Today, when every morning I pack two lunches- one for myself and one for hubby, it reminds me of you. Your little girl has now grown up mom, as earlier it was you who was making yummy food without complaining but now it is me who cook simple ghar ka khana for hubby and that too after throwing so much tantrums

When I got engaged, I requested you ‘please mom- teach me some household chores. I even do not know how to use the washing machine.” And you replied, “Wake up early on Sunday and I will teach you how to operate the washing machine”. In your reign, that ‘Sunday’ never came. You will be amazed to know Mom, now I do all laundry myself. Now I know how to operate ‘washing machine’.

You always considered me as a five-year old and that used to irritate me. Now I am missing those moments, pampering and your love.

I know I am someone’s wife and daughter-in-law but deep in my heart I still yearn to be your little girl, Mom

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