What If Ekta Kapoor Enters Insurance Sector?

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After selling age controlling syrups and saas vashikaran capsules, Ekta Kapoor has forayed into insurance sector. Ekta Kapoor, Founder of ‘kkksurance’, said, “Our insurance company is different from others. Whenever a person applies for our policy, our agent goes to his address to spy on the family. They note down their secrets and give it our experts who then suggest an individual/family floater to the applicant, as per the need.”

On being further quizzed about kkksurance, Ekta Kapoor shares the following product information EXCLUSIVELY with us-

indian serials

Policy Covers ‘Temporary’ Death

Nobody ever dies. Yes, that is the first and foremost rule of Ekta’s company. In her serials, baa continues to live forever to participate in the 5th generation’s marriage happily. And, finally if somehow you manage to die, she strongly believes that you will come back, one day.

Ekta Kapoor’s insurance company has introduced a new term – Temporary Death.

India’s ONLY Insurer to Cover Plastic Surgery

If you met with an accident and God forbid, something happens to your face. Worry not! Ekta’s insurance company has a special plastic surgery cover. Get a new face and surprise your family!

And if you wish to go a step further, pay the extra premium and get a voice or height change.

Product Name Starts With ‘K’

Kya Hua Tera Vada Term Insurance plan, Kasauti Zindagi Ki Health Insurance plan and Khawish travel insurance plan will be some of her initial launches. Well, you get not only insurance but also good luck! Moreover, if your name starts with ‘K’, then you get discount on premium.

Great Deals For Youngsters

Ekta has devised special investment plans for youngsters. After all, keeping a good for nothing brother, Tusshar Kapoor employed through films has earned her good experience in this field.

Board Members Have Sixth Sense

Board members constitute vamp, bahu and saas of Ekta’s daily soaps who have the impeccable sixth sense to unearth scams and solve mystery cases. No fraud can ever happen.

According to market experts, Ekta has expertise in dragging a serial endlessly for years so that she could give a tough competition to other insurance companies.

Hurry Up! First 50 policyholders will get a chance to bag a role in her serial.


Disclaimer: This article is written for intended humour and there is no purpose to hurt the sentiments of anyone.

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