Its Revealed! Beauty Secrets Of Katrina Kaif For All Soon-To-Be Brides

Undoubtedly Katrina Kaif is a diva. She has enthralled once and all with her flawless beauty, charming eyes, perfect figure and mesmerizing looks. Her fascination has not made just men but even women go gaga. So, this time, I am unveiling some beauty tips for soon-to-be brides so that you can cast your aroma on your man on the d-day. Let’s know Katrina Kaif’s beauty secrets.
Her secret to healthy skin– Katrina Kaif firmly believes that in order to get a beautiful and glowing skin, you should have 4-5 glasses of water every morning. This helps in detoxifying your body and also helps in blood circulation. As an important beauty secret, she focuses on massages and fascials. She says, once in a while, it is crucial to pamper your body with massages and facials as these help in increasing blood circulation and make your skin glowing.
Her secret to makeup– Katrina doesn’t appreciate the idea of wearing too much makeup. A concealer is a nice choice as it allows skin to breathe. To combat any beauty emergencies, she uses mineral mud masks as they quickly remove skin impurities. Katrina says that never hit the bed with makeup on. Also, to produce a magical effect to the eyes, this ‘barbie doll’ prefers to use a lot of kohl and mascara. She says that it helps in uplifting the face and makes eyes more expressive. A good lip gloss can make your lips attractive yet not flashy.
Her secret to luscious hair– As the actress needs to try various hairstyles to suit her movie character, she does deep conditioning once a week.
Her exercise tips– Reveliaing her beauty secret, Katrina says it is imperative to do exercise to maintain healthy body. Swimming, cycling , jogging and dancing are good exercises to get a toned figure.
Her diet– She avoids carbohydrates & empty calories and prefers to eat food enriched in iron, vitamins and proteins. She eats lot of fresh fruits and salads in between her meals as this keeps her body healthy.
Start today! Work out, enjoy balanced food, pamper your skin, maintain good lifestyle, put the right makeup and be a beauty queen yourself.

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