What if there is an emotion insurance policy that covers feelings?

emotion insurance policy

February is the month of love. The most awaited festival of lovers- Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So, what if there is an emotion insurance policy? The policy that covers all emotions- love, hate.

Insurance is a means to prevent a person (and his/her family) from life’s unforeseen situations. We all have heard term insurance, car insurance, health insurance, marine insurance and many other insurance policies that promise to give financial security in case of mishaps. But what if there comes an insurance policy that offers coverage against human emotions? What if there is an emotion insurance policy? Like, your partner dumps you, here comes a health insurance policy to give you cover.

emotion insurance policy

Let’s have a look at some of life’s situations for which there should be an emotion insurance policy.

Your partner hurts you: As explained above, what if your partner hurts your feelings? Though, it will be emotional damage only; yet it will be good if there is an insurance policy that promises to comfort your heart in such a case. To attract customers, insurance companies can also offer personal assistant or customer call support just to give emotional support to the ‘policyholder’.

Similar to health insurance that offers financial coverage in case there is a medical emergency, there should be an insurance policy that offers emotional coverage when you need it the most.

One phone call to the insurer’s customer care centre and the person on the other side of the phone listen to you so that you can vent out your frustration.

You dump the other person: Taking the above case forward, what if you dump the other person who blames you for ruining his/her life? Here it will be good to have such an insurance policy that can offer the emotional coverage to the other person on your behalf. Just like professional indemnity insurance offers coverage to the policyholder in case there is a professional error; similarly, there should be a policy that helps you face the emotional drama and accusations of the other person.

You do something against your wishes: You don’t want to see the face of your boss, but unfortunately, you have to talk to him politely just to ensure you don’t get fired. Similarly, your heart wants to follow dreams, but sadly, the fear of society makes it impossible. There can be many such instances in your life where you might be doing something against your wishes. In simple words, you are killing your own emotions and sentiments just to please the world.

Now just as term insurance offers financial support to your family after your death, similarly there should be an emotion insurance policy that offers coverage to you when you ‘kill’ your emotions and wishes. In short, when you let your happiness to die, this insurance policy should become active and console you.

It might be tough for insurance companies to devise such policies that cover emotions and life’s harsh realities, but still, I wish it happens. After all, the motto of insurance policies is to secure you from life’s unfortunate incidents.

Also, when such policies enter the market, don’t forget to compare the available options and read the policy documents carefully to ensure you get the maximum coverage.

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